Tyler the Bobcat®

Tyler the Bobcat®


About our Classes and Programs

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We are dedicated to teaching the community about wildlife and how to best serve our animal friends.

We provide presentations, seminars, classes,and workshops both live and online.

Our classes will be about animal rescue, animal rehabilitation, animal habitats and living environments, animal health, animal nutrition and diet, animal handling, animal care, laws related to animals, legal compliance for animal rescue, and animal rescue procedure.

We have worked with game wardens, animal control officers, schools, hospitals, and other community groups. It is our goal to inform as many people as possible about how to best care for our animal friends!

  Please contact us if you would like to know more information on how you can help Tyler the Bobcat and his Fur friends, or to book an education event.  

If you are interested in having us teach you and your group about wildlife protection, click the “How to Contact Us” button on the left!

Zoom with Us
Zoom with Us

Zoom Classes

our Zoom classes is a fabulous way for any Wildlife lover to connect with us across the world.

Tyler the Bobcat® is always excited to be front and center

in the spotlight for you to see him personally.

Learning with Tyler the Bobcat
Learning with Tyler the Bobcat

Personal Classes On-Site

 In our personal classes, Seminars, Presentations, Workshops you will have the chance to get up close and actually see Tyler the Bobcat and his friends.

Tyler the Bobcat® is always ready for a road trip to met new people to help bring awareness. 

Ask your local business, Community, School, public library

or HOA neighborhood committee to sponsor a class.

Remember Tyler the Bobcat® & his Furry Friends will be there.

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