Tyler the Bobcat®

Tyler the Bobcat®


How Can you Help Tyler and his Fur friends

Amazon Smile Wish List

Amazon Wish List  

Please consider our group as your supporting charity:

Spiritual Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Sanctuary, Inc.


Monetary Donations

Paper towels


Pine Sol


Puppy pads

Baby wipes

Flannel blankets

Ferret and cat toys

Home Depo / Lowels Gift Cards

*PVC pipes

* Kennel Fencing material

Walmart Gift Cards


Fox Valley Formula 33/30

Fox Valley Formula 34/40

Fox Valley Formula 35/32

Fox Valley Formula 42/25

Fox Valley Formula 30/50

La 200 from Fox Valley

Miracle Nipples

Unwanted medical supplies and equipment

If its not listed, please ask if its something we could use.

To send cash Donations

Please send all donations to 

PayPal at:


Venmo: @SWRRS

Zelle: 817-422-6080

All donations are TAX Deductible! 

Spiritual Wildlife Rescue